I may write alone, but if I didn't have a whanau who are okay with the disconnected and protracted process of writing I couldn't do it.  I have many friends and whanau who have given up writing because of the the impact it has on their home life.  I have written all my life and I could not stop doing it; that would probably kill me.

I start writing the acknowlegement page the same time I start the book so I can keep a list of all the people who help me.  There are always a lot of people on this page, because I am lucky enough to have a massive amount of support in many, many different ways. 

I come as One, I stand as Ten Thousand ~ Maya Angelou

Short movie, my whanau
This short video was made six years ago when I finished my second Advanced Grad Dip Creative Writing when I wrote my stand alone novel "The eldest girl"

The Acknowledgement is the last thing I finish writing and it is much anguished over.  

So much love, attention and time is poured into the production of a book.  I never want anyone to feel that their contribution to the writing and production of a book isn't appreciated.  

I have had friends and family read entire manuscripts and then change 90% of what I wrote and they read it again.  I have had friends and family research for me.  I have badgered people with questions about their lives and jobs.   So I want people to know I am very grateful.