Designing a book

At Dusky we have what is called our "House Style" which differs from other publishing houses.

We use Garamond font 12 pt, our novels and children's books are A5, perfect bound along the longest edge.   We have written and printed one book that was A4 perfect bound along the shortest edge.

There are three parts to the interior of a book.  
A book is divided into three parts. 

The Front Matter can contain:
  • The  title page 
  • Frontispiece - an illustration facing the title page of a book.  ( I use these in our children's books.)
  • copyright page 
  • Epigraph Page - which may be a quotation or a poem to foretell the theme of the book
  • table of contents  
  • A half title or bastard title -  a page carrying just the title of a book

CORE MATTER – This is the" body" of the text. 

BACK MATTER – The third part of a book is known as the back matter and can contain: 
  • Epilogue 
  • Glossary 
  • Authors Profile 
  • Afterword