Amazing Mandy

Posted by Olivia Giles on Friday, August 11, 2017

Yes I know that I am completely unaware it was a selfie moment - 
I am that guy.  From left.  Nina, Alia, oblivious me, Scotty and Jenna-Rose

A couple of months ago we got all snazzied up for the Paraparaumu Launch (yes I know she is ultra important and gets more than one Launch) of her latest Novel "Heloise" 

Yeah, she really is my friend, I didn't just grab her!

It was a great launch, with the amazing "Renee" as the keynote speaker and Mandy giving us a reading that made everything a tingle then answering a mass of questions.  
Well, even though I shouldn't have right then, as I was meant to be re-writing my own book I took sneaky looks into her book which led to full on reading, and then obsession to get it finished.  You know what that's like.
With "Heloise" I have to say is like she took a leap out into the pitch dark and somehow ended up on a mountain peak.  It is awesome, and I don't say that often about books, it was comparable to reading the Booker prize winning Possession by A.S. Byatt,.
It is a book you finish reading and think, why the f*ck am I bothering with this writing lark? I will never in my life be able to write something that good.  Then you crawl into bed and eat a litre of hokey pokey ice-cream.  
That is my opinion.  I'm sticking too it.
Here is a link to Mandy's page so you can read about and hear her interviews.  'Heloise'